This article I found on the theosophical web site on the internet. I quote:

We as a species are in the midst of a massive psychic epidemic that has been brewing in the cauldron of humanity from the beginning of time. This psycho-spiritual disease of the soul—which Native Americans have called wetiko—can be thought of as the bug in the system. It informs and animates the madness that is playing itself out in our lives, both individually and collectively, on the current world stage.

Native American mythologies portray the mythical figure of wetiko as a cannibalistic spirit who embodies greed and excess and can possess human beings. The wetiko was once a human being, but its greed and selfishness have transformed it into a predatory monster. Thus in indigenous mythology, indulgent, self-destructive habits are thought to be inspired by wetiko.

In the Native American view, those who have become wetikos are individuals who have “lost their wits,” a phrase that connotes not only being out of one’s right mind, but also not knowing what one is doing (acting “unwittingly”). (note: see also the articles : Are we being hypnotised one and two)

Native Americans have often portrayed the wetiko as having a frigid, icy heart, devoid of mercy. Like cannibals, those taken over by wetiko consume the life force of others—human and nonhuman—for private purpose or profit, and do so without giving back anything of real value from their own lives. (Note: see the information on frequencies, that those forces ‘feed’ on our low vibrational frequencies).

At the collective level, this perverse inner process is mirrored by the insane consumer society in which we live, a culture that continually fans the flames of never-ending desires, conditioning us to always want more.

Just as viruses or malware infect a computer and program it to self-destruct, wetiko programs the human bio computer to think and behave in self-destructive ways. Covertly operating through the unconscious blind spots in the human psyche, wetiko renders people oblivious to their own madness, compelling them to act against their own best interests.

People taken over by wetiko are suffering from an autoimmune disease of the psyche. In autoimmune deficiency syndrome, the immune system of the organism perversely attacks the very life it is trying to protect. In trying to live, it destroys life, ultimately destroying even itself. In the same way, once wetiko has insinuated itself into a living entity, it acts like a perverted antibody, treating the wholesome parts of the system as cancerous tumours to be exterminated.

This problem is being collectively acted out on the current world stage. Humans are destroying the biosphere of the planet upon which we all depend for our survival. Wetiko is at the bottom of the seemingly never-ending destruction we are wreaking on this biosphere. One example is the destruction of the Amazonian rain­forest, the lungs of the planet. Another example is the terminator seeds that are genetically engineered not to reproduce a second generation, forcing farmers to buy new seeds and making life impossible for many poor farmers. If the planet were seen as an organism, and people seen as cells in this organism, it would be as if these cells had become cancerous or parasitic and had turned on the healthy cells, destroying the very organism of which they themselves were a part. Our species appears currently to be enacting a mass ritual suicide on a global scale.

People are particularly susceptible to the spell of today’s masters of deception when they are out of touch with the living and self-authenticating reality of their own experience. Not sufficiently knowing the nature of their own minds, they are overly susceptible to taking on others’ perspectives, falling prey to the prevailing groupthink of the herd and to the wetiko parasite. When we are taken over by more powerful psychic forces, we don’t know that we are possessed by something other than ourselves, which is precisely the way the wetiko bug wants it (note: see the mass formation in the current politics)

If we are not aware of wetiko’s covert operations within us, it is as if an alien, metaphysical “other” has colonized our minds and set up a seemingly autonomous regime, a “shadow government” within the psyche (outwardly reflected by the “shadow government” in the world), so that we become oppressed within the domain of our own being. (Note: the mass formation we are living under now).

The wetiko virus paralyzes the ego into an immobilized, powerless state, in which the life force and energetic potential are vampirically drained away. Zombielike, we are pushed around like figures on a chessboard, played and manipulated like marionettes on a string. We are held in check by these impersonal, intangible forces, which, unbeknownst to us, are gaming us from a hidden position within our own un-illumined psyches.

As this rogue, split-off part incorporates itself within the psyche, it “dictates” to the ego, tricking it into believing that it is directing itself. We are allowed our seeming freedom and the ability to live our “normal” lives, as long as these do not challenge or threaten the deeper agenda of these sinister forces to centralize power and control. This internal process is manifesting externally in the creeping tendency towards fascism in the global body politics.

When we are taken over by the wetiko spirit, we can subjectively experience ourselves as being most ourselves, while ironically being most estranged from ourselves. This is a simultaneous state of fusion and dissociation, as the parts of the psyche that have split off from consciousness overwhelm and take over the whole through its unconscious blind spots. No longer belonging to or possessing ourselves, we then identify with who we are not while forgetting who we actually are. In so doing, we have effectively lost our souls.

The Gnostics (“the ones who know”) call this parasite of the mind the archons, in islam it is called Jinn, and in Christianity it is called demon.

The wetiko virus has a thirst for the very thing it lacks—the mystical essence of life—the “blood” of our soul, our very life force. The “undead” vampiric wetiko virus is fundamentally “dead” matter (note: low frequency) taking on apparently living form; it is only in and through a living being (the higher frequency) that it acquires a kind of life.

Wetiko psychosis is highly contagious, spreading through the channel of our shared unconsciousness. But its vectors of infection do not travel like physical pathogens. This bug both reinforces and feeds off our unconscious blind spots, which is how it non-locally propagates itself.

The greatest danger that threatens humanity today is the possibility that millions of us can fall into the unconscious together, reinforcing one another’s madness in such a way that we become unwittingly complicit in our own self-destruction.

The most horrifying part of falling under the wetiko virus is that it ultimately involves the assent of our own free will, as we willingly, though unknowingly, subscribe to our enslaved condition. This is to say that no one other than ourselves is ultimately responsible for our situation.

Though “relatively” real, and definitely needing to be dealt with at this level, from the ultimate, absolute point of view, the wetiko virus has no objective existence separate from our own minds. There is no entity outside ourselves who can steal our souls; the dreamed-up phenomenon of wetiko, which arises entirely within the sphere of the mind, tricks us into giving it away ourselves.

With wetiko disease, we are not being infected by a physical, objectively existing virus outside of ourselves, which is why there is in reality nothing outside of ourselves to be afraid of. The origin of the wetiko psychosis lies entirely within the human psyche.

The fact that wetiko is the expression of something inside of us means that the cure for it is likewise within us as well. Though not objectively existing, the wetiko pathogen has a virtual reality such that it can potentially destroy our species. The fact that something that only exists as a function of ourselves can destroy us points us to the incredibly vast, invisible, yet mostly untapped creative power that is our birthright.

Wetiko is non-local in that it is an inner disease of the soul that expresses itself on the canvas of the outside world. If we don’t understand that our current world crisis has its roots within and is an expression of the human psyche, we are doomed to unconsciously repeat and recreate endless suffering and destruction in more and more amplified form, as if we are having a recurring nightmare. 

To the extent we are unaware of this virus of the mind, we are complicit in its propagation. Since it pervades the underlying field of consciousness, potentially all of us have wetiko. Every one of us subjectively experiences the wetiko virus in his or her own unique way, regardless of what concepts or words we use to describe the experience, or whether we believe in such things or not. If we see someone who seems to be taken over by wetiko, leading us to think they have the disease and we don’t, we have fallen under the spell of the virus, because wetiko feeds on separation, polarization, and the fear of the other.

We start to become immune to wetiko when we develop the humility to realize that any one of us, at any moment, can potentially fall into our unconscious and unwittingly become an instrument for this virus to act itself out through us. Like a vampire, wetiko can’t stand to be illumined, for in seeing how it covertly operates through our own consciousness, we take away its seeming autonomy and power over us while at the same time empowering ourselves.

The wetiko psychosis is a dreamed-up phenomenon, which is to say that we are all potentially participating in and actively co-creating the wetiko epidemic in each and every moment. Wetiko feeds on our policy of turning a blind eye to its operations; the less the wetiko virus is recognized, the more seemingly powerful and dangerous it becomes.

Since the origin of wetiko is the human psyche, recognizing how this virus of the mind operates through our unawareness is the beginning of the cure. We normally think of illumination as seeing the light, but seeing the darkness is a form of illumination too.

Wetiko is forcing us to pay attention to the fundamental role that the psyche plays in creating our experience of ourselves and of the world. Our shared future will be decided primarily by the changes that take place in the psyche of humanity, which is truly the world’s pivot.

Wetiko can only be seen when we begin to realize the dreamlike nature of our universe, step out of the viewpoint of the separate self, and recognize the deeper underlying field of which we are all expressions, in which we are all contained, and through which we are all interconnected (see: Advaita: Each human being is a manifestation of Brahma, and as such is called ‘jivan’, or ‘atman’ (Adam in the Bible).

The energetic expression of this realization, and the dissolver of wetiko par excellence, is compassion.

Similarly, the greatest protection against becoming affected or possessed by wetiko is to be in touch with our intrinsic wholeness, which is to be “self-possessed”—in possession of the part of ourselves that is not possessable, which is the Self, the wholeness of our being (Advaita: the jivan).

Being in touch with our true nature acts as a sacred amulet or talisman, shielding and protecting us from wetiko.

We defeat evil not by fighting against it (in which case, by playing its game, we’ve already lost) but by getting in touch with the part of us that is invulnerable to its effects.

Grasping the multifaceted ways that the wetiko virus distorts the psyche enables us to discover and experience the part of ourselves that is incorruptible, which is the place from which we can bring real and lasting change to our world. It is as though the evil of the wetiko virus is itself the instrument of a higher intelligence designed to connect us to a sacred, creative source within ourselves. Testers of humanity, these nonlocal vampiric forces are guardians of the threshold of our conscious evolution.

(Dona: seeing the world scene, and how more and more people are waking up to what is really going on in the world, I have come to the same conclusion, that in the end it is the ‘devil’ himself which will set us free, as the only way to flee from its clutches is to become finally human.)

Thus, although it is the source of humanity’s inhumanity to itself, wetiko is at the same time the greatest catalytic force of evolution ever known to humanity, as it is the impetus for us to awaken to the dreamlike nature of the universe. The wetiko virus forces us to mutate—and evolve—In a paradoxical sense, we don’t cure wetikowetiko cures us.

The very thing that is potentially destroying us is at the same time waking us up! Wetiko is a true conjunction of opposites: it is at the same time the deadliest poison and the most healing medicine.

Will wetiko kill us, drive humanity to extinction?

Or will it awaken us?

I personally believe that we are in the middle of this question. We will soon know the answer.

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